Opinion:Lucknow T20 Game – deserves to be one of the thrillers

The second game in Lucknow didn’t go according to the expectations of a T20 match. The pitch was described as a shocker and drew criticism from many corners about matching the T20 standards.

The game saw spinners bowling the majority of the overs game. Part-time spinners finished their quota of bowling from both sides. No batsmen managed to hit a six in the entire game. Some of the full-time bowlers couldn’t bowl their regular four overs. New Zealand couldn’t score 100 runs in their innings, and India struggled to chase it down.

However, none of this makes the game less exciting from a spectator’s perspective. Why would it be less exciting?

It was just unusual. The bowlers dominated from either side to produce a low-scoring chase. Indian bowlers restricted NZ under 100 , and in turn, NZ put all their effort to take the match to the last over of the game.

The pitch definitely had it’s assistance in plenty for the spinners, which was evident from the bowling card where the part-time spinners had bowled their quota of overs with a good economy. Even that was good to see as an unsual sight in a cricket field.

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Entire game had no unplayable deliveries bowled from either side. It required more application and techniques to be applied ( just like other formats of the game) to be more successful.

As players, it may be a tough game, not in line with the familiar T20 games they were playing game after game. Surya Kumar Yadav had played a game which was totally different from his usual way of playing a T20 game, but hold the nerves to take India home. Ishan Kishan and Washington Sundar’s run outs were out of no panic scenario or to increase run rate.

The target was never out of reach for India especially with dew in picture. NZ made a game out of it with brilliant bowling and utilizing their bowling options effectively.

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As a spectator, it was a game worth watching. It was wonderful to see the bolwers dominating ,and each run was hard to score. Spectators may not need all T20 games to be high scoring with plenty of fours and sixes scored. It’s great when there is a balance between bat and ball.

Once in a while, in the world of high scoring T20 games, Lucknow T20 shouldn’t be criticised too much as it produced one of the last over finishes in T20. The game was still in balance till the last over and was swinging in favor of either side.

It’s unfortunate that the game and pitch was criticised much for a different type of T20 game which eventually served a nail biting finish for the spectators.

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